Samurai Soul - Project Orību
Boyan kazalov samuraiconceptdetailedlarge1
Boyan kazalov samuraisketches

Various samurai types sketches

Boyan kazalov samurairedone

Further exploration and iteration

Boyan kazalov samuraiiterationsfinal

Refining shapes and adjusting the values while further detailing the iterations

Boyan kazalov h

Exploring different forms and adding fantasy elements

Boyan kazalov examplea

Trying to see if samurai design matches with the main character

The soul of the samurai acts as a wepon for the enchatress who uses her powers to conjuring fallen samurai spirits to fight at her side.

I went to explore different variations of the japanese samurai and see which one would fit best as a supporting element to the main character without drawing too much attention.
Tried to keep the design clean and simple and experimented with some more ghostly shapes to portray his ghostly essensce and add a fantasy element to his design.