Enchantress - Project Orību
Boyan kazalov a
Boyan kazalov b

Model Sheet

Boyan kazalov 5

An example of some quick shape design in Alchemy

Boyan kazalov c

Further refining some of the previous interesting shapes I've done in Alchemy and coming up with different designs

Boyan kazalov sheet2

Taking a more detailed approach to some of the designs and narrowing down ideas

Boyan kazalov notes

Notes and Explorations pt.1

Boyan kazalov more notes

Notes and Explorations pt.2

Boyan kazalov refinedv4posesvariants

After exploring her background story and get more familiar with the character I start to finalize the design while still working in black and white so I dont have to worry about color and just focus on design

Boyan kazalov refinedv4poses

Rough idea of what I want the final design to look like

Boyan kazalov e

Exploring the character's expressions helps me with designing her personality

Boyan kazalov f

Additionally I want to know how her body language works and what she can do

Boyan kazalov patternsheet

Trying out different colours and patterns for her kimono based on japanese traditions and her personality

Boyan kazalov b

I make a model sheet of the final design to help me later on when shifting into 3D

Boyan kazalov a

Final design showing off the enchantress and her samurai servant

The Enchantress is the main character for my Orību project, I had so much fun designing her and getting familiar with the whole pipeline process of designing characters.
The main focus on this project was to create a character concept suitable for a moba style game like LoL or Dota.

Her purpose is to elimante the Honda clan, who have massacred her village, leaving no one but her behind to suffer.
The source of her unknown powers are the two spheres which never leave her presence. Using the spheres' dark energy she can conjuring fallen samurai from their ashes which are kept in her lantern, to fight by her side.